Produits pour parquets sportifs
Vivier Merle gymnasium in Lyon: Surface Sealant and PUR-T Sport Varnish
Vitrificateur à usage résidentiel intense
Architect-designed house in Paris: PUR-T4 Varnish
Vitrificateur parquet restaurant
La Rotonde Restaurant in the Negresco Hotel in Nice: Adhesion Reinforcer and PATRIM Varnish
Finition pour parquet lieux publics
Albert Art store in Nice: PUR-T4 Varnish
Vitrificateur pour parquet lieux publics
Citée de la Voile – Eric Tabarly Museum in Lorient: Surface Sealant and PUR-T4 Varnish
Vitrificateur pour parquet fort trafic
Piccolo Theatre in Chalon-sur-Saône: PUR-T Tannin Inhibitor PUR-T3 Varnish
Produits pour entretien pour terrasses en bois
Suite decking in the Martinez Hotel in Cannes: Decking Oil.
Plastor, a manufacturer of solutions to protect and decorate wooden floors, works hard to meet the needs of decorating and interior design professionals.
A specialist for more than 50 years in the production of wooden floor varnishes, today Plastor offers a complete range to meet the needs of all tradespeople: glues, sanding materials, stains, varnishes, oils, maintenance, and decking protection products.

Our commitment

Supporting your work

- Providing you with the resources for a successful project every time:

The products in the Plastor ranges are designed by and for professionals, providing you with all the resources for a successful project every time. Benefiting from the most recent innovations in product application, their performance ensures the best possible results.

- A partner in your development:

Plastor also works to build long-term partnerships with a dedicated team at your service for your daily needs. Our expertise in wooden flooring and decking means we can provide quick answers and appropriate advice on the specific requirements of every project.


Just over 50 years ago, Claude de Grivel, founder of the V33 Group, developed the first varnish product for radios under the name PLASTORLAK.

He used his experience with French polish to develop the first wooden floor varnish around 1955-1956. When the time came to launch a line for professionals, the name Plastor was selected.
Today Plastor, the professional division of the V33 Group, still benefits from the potential of a large French manufacturer. A major player in the paint, wood protection and enhancement sectors, the V33 Group has outstanding production facilities and a logistical organisation adapted to these different markets. Plastor also uses the resources of an innovative R&D centre with some 20 experts working at the head office in Domblans and in Lyon for the professional division.

The different companies in the V33 Group share a particular spirit, the satisfaction of belonging to a team that knows how to combine challenges and friendliness, rigour and close relationships, service and human values.


Some examples by way of illustration:
- PUR-T varnishes based on a new higher-performance resin derived from glass technology: polycarbonate.
- The first formulations without NMP or NEP.
- The European Ecolabel on all single-component PUR-T® products.

Plastor research and development is based on standards and codes of practice (DTU 51 for wooden floors) so that its innovations are objectively validated under conditions recognised by professionals.

Finally environmentally-friendly labels and performance reports issued for Plastor products guarantee the reliability of our range and provide reassurance for professionals.

Plastor's objective is to always be one step ahead of the latest regulations.
Our regulatory monitoring service allows us to anticipate forthcoming regulations (VOC Directive, biocides, REACH) to offer ever more innovative products.


For Plastor, sustainable development goes hand in hand with the daily performance of our products.

« Being financially successful, respecting the environment and health of all, and behaving like a responsible company". These are the challenges that the V33 Group has committed to supporting for many years. These challenges have always been met in an unpretentious, totally natural way for a company that "lives" with nature, in an exceptionally well-preserved setting in the heart of the French Jura.

Extract from the V33 Group Green Paper

One of Plastor's core concerns is the health of the professionals applying its products. Improved indoor air quality is one of the major criteria that our products must comply with while at the same time not in any way compromising the level of performance achieved. As part of this process, we always aim to get our products awarded existing environmental labels issued by accredited bodies.

- an ISO 14001 production site
- products with the European Ecolabel
- products with the Excell green label
- products with the EC1 label
- products with Environmental and Safety Data Sheets
- vastly reduced VOC content
- recyclable packaging

Your success